Soon enough a lot of sites realised that maintaining a good service has costs and many free sites became paid sites.

And then dating sites saw that there were profits to be made – and all sorts of paid sites popped up like mushrooms after a rainfall.

Within this I also found that our personal and financial security is obviously important to the friends reunited dating team as most of the pages you enter have a sign letting you know the site is secure and that any financial details are kept confidential and hopefully scam free.

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Because of this I do feel you need to be able to commit a certain amount of time on the site as you are totally in control of your searches, and the more time you can commit, the more options and compatible people you will encounter, however I think it is worth the time spent and you get to meet a variety of like minded people along the way.

The freedom of friends reunited dating compared to other big dating sites is I’m sure a definite positive and does attract a lot of people for that reason alone.

However, now things have come full circle once again.

Free sites are suddenly gaining momentum – just look at Tinder!

A lot of people come to Online Dating Help mainly looking for an answer to one simple question: how much does it cost to sign up to a dating site?

There used to be a time when all online dating was free.Quite a lot of adverts popped up while I visited these pages, musty ones for friends reunited and genes reunited, however I did spot a couple of other non related companies, which can be a bit distracting but if you can just focus on the task in hand it shouldn’t be a problem.One of the adverts that did catch my eye however was an advert for restaurants-this is also shown under the ‘extras’ section, so that if you do meet someone online and want to take it further by meeting up, there were offers and advice and lists of recommended restaurants available to click on instantly.No site is fraudster-free, although obviously the higher the sign-up fees, the less there are people who only sign up to waste your time.Hope you’ll have an enjoyable dating experience, whichever site you choose!One of the headings ‘extras’ is where you can find things like your horoscopes, dating advice and success stories and even others dating diary entries.