Now add this to your to-do list: Getting an office redesign.

Reprinted from Vol 5-1 of the BT Journal In wildlife photography, I think the psychology of color plays an overwhelming role in the success of an image to communicate.

I'm not going to pass myself off as a scholarly master of psychology or try to convince you that one must have one color over the other for a photograph to be successful.

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When I was in college, I took a class that was just about color in advertising.

One of our assignments was to go to the supermarket, glance up and down all the aisles, without walking them, and take note of the most overwhelming colors we saw.

Primarily because of their hectic and high energy lifestyles, we see an emphasis towards neutral spaces," says Melanie Conant, NCIDQ and Director of Interior Design for The Architectural Team, a Boston, Massachusetts design firm that counts many corporate offices among its clients, via email.

She also adds that brighter colors are used as an accent to add interest to a space, while taupes, tonal whites and warm grays are popular choices for office design at the moment.

The answer might be right in front of you -- literally. When it comes to workplace environments, bold might not be better.

"Colors that are very saturated and not very bright -- like emerald green and sapphire blue -- generally promote an energy level that puts people into overdrive if they're trying to do thoughtful work alone or to collaborate with others.They just can't concentrate well," says Sally Augustin, Ph D, an environmental psychologist and principal at Design With Science, via email.Augustin also cited a study by Andrew Elliot, a psychology professor at the University of Rochester, which found that exposure to the color red lead to distraction, worry and a reduced ability to focus on mental tasks.Twenty years ago when I did that assignment, the overwhelming dominant color was red.If you were to do the same assignment today, you'd find that red is nowhere near the most dominant color anymore.There's another benefit to being surrounded by soft neutrals: Less eyestrain.