The sweet elementary school kid I had known was now openly and vividly discussing his sex life on a stage far away from suburban Ohio. I don't live in the United States currently, so Ryan sent me a video of one of his live performances. Not because of the sexual content - Ryan begins the show lying half-naked in a bed and stroking himself over his boxers as he flirts with a man via webcam - but because of the often ignorant and painful responses he gets from the men he tries to connect an autobiographical account of Ryan's dating experiences as a gay, disabled man.But probably unlike the queer studies classes you took in college, God! This is truly a testament to Ryan's acting and writing talent.

Using mobile-live technology, cameras capture the promise of romance, awkward conversations, cringe-worthy moments and everything else from as many as nine dates per episode. is a unique opportunity for our audience to experience that same phenomenon, from the comforts of our home.

Hosted by comedian Michelle Collins, Z100 radio personality Bethany Watson and relationship coach Paul Brunson will be in on all the dating action as they bounce from city to city and provide commentary as the evening develops. This is America’s chance to watch love and romance unfold live, where anything can happen.” Said Dan Cesareo, President of Big Fish Entertainment, whose Live PD just got an order for 100 additional episodes on A&E: “Our goal is to reinvent various genres; with Live PD, we busted open the doors and brought true transparency in law enforcement to television for the first time, and we knew that this unique viewing experience could translate into other formats,” said “With Date Night Live, Lifetime gave us the incredible opportunity to turn the traditional dating show on its head with couples getting to know each other completely unvarnished for the first time on live TV, unfiltered and unedited.

When he goes to a gay club for the first time in NYC, a man he tries to flirt with bursts into tears when he sees Ryan using his walker.

Other guys he fools around with make it a point to never let Ryan forget about his disability.

From violent outbursts to stunning guests to outrageous truths, there have been countless scenes from the show that have gone viral.

When one mum was caught in a row with her ex – now living life as a woman after coming out as transgender – a member of the audience had heard enough, and his comments struck a chord with viewers.As a student at Ohio Wesleyan University, he produced a short documentary film, in which he straight up asked gay men whether they would ever date someone with a disability.Once again, some of the responses are so blunt and bigoted that it's startling, and all of it is said right to Ryan's face. But it does end on a message of hope and comes complete with a twist that I won't spoil here.While there's never a dull moment on the programme, every now and again, the stars align and the show really grabs people's attention – although not always for the right reasons.Seriously, even if you're not a fan of the show or claim to have never seen it, there's no way you could've not heard about some of the scandalous moments that have aired on the series.He had been cast as a young Ebenezer Scrooge in my high school's production of .