Oh yeah that was fun, she sure was pretty" Dudley said with smile and took a messy bite out of his sandwich. You boys only think about hot chicks and only if their the so called bad girl, it's stupid" Kitty said more annoyed. ""Well actually, Jessica is a Cheetah not a chick so I don't understand why you would call her that, and she's not a bad girl, she fought against the bad guys, so again you're wrong" Dudley said plainly. "I'm going to-"Then suddenly a blue cat girl walked in, her fur lighter blue around her muzzle going down her front and her hair dark purple and was long and tied back into twin long ponytails, her eyes were gem pink and she was wearing a white lace top with a dress skirt that was longer at the back then the front. "It's just something that I put together while my dress is getting cleaned""It looks great Luna! "See you two around, oh and Kitty girls night later? " Kitty smiled as Luna left the room."Oh man she was hot today! " Luna raised an eyebrow but didn't question it, this was after all Dudley. " Luna looked at him confused."Yeah, I'm a guy, you're an attractive woman" Dudley tried to point out some reasons for them to go out. I don't like you like that" Luna explained with a frown."Also we don't talk much about girls, we're both guys right? "Well I'm glad you're doing good""So what about you? "We're just friends, I'm sorry""Wait..don't want to go out with me?

Dudley has feelings for Kitty, and all it took was the Chameleon disguised as a suave secret agent to make him come clean.

The Chameleon is at it again & trying to destroy everyone's favorite secret agent feline.

"Kitty's eyes flashed red with rage as she was this close to ending him, she could handle his stupidity, but the guy HAD to stop or Dudley would go on record as M. " Dudley asked."Oh you know, work mostly" Luna said as she took off her hair ties letting her hair flow down. " Dudley said sounding shocked."I'm sorry Dudley, but I'm not looking for a 'partner' or anything like that, last time I did..know what happened" Luna said, she felt kind of bad for turning him down like that, but she wasn't interested in dating right now."Oh..sorry Luna, I'll just go" Dudley sighed and walked over to the door."Wait Dudley, don't be like that" Luna didn't like to see her friends sad.

"This can't end well"Dudley knocked on the door and waited for a bit before Luna answered the door. ""Oh sorry Dudley I don't have any food...that's edible for you right now" Luna said."I'm not here for food actually, can we talk?

Luckily, Dudley finds out and saves her, but risks his life in the process.

Kitty Katswell is TUFF's number 1 agent and is the current leader of Team Katswell and partner (And now wife) of Dudley Puppy.

" Kitty looked back at him."Yeah them, why haven't I seen them before? Of course I'm into men, that's because I'm a WOMAN""Wow Kitty that's cool, if you're into that sort of thing, there is nothing wrong with being gay" Dudley said as he turned to his computer."THAT'S IT! Destruction cut her open and stole her insides, or when Dr.

" Dudley asked."Because those two are normally busy working, like you should be" Kitty said as she filled out more of Dudley's paperwork. " Kitty jumped off her chair and pulled out a mallet from out of nowhere."Oh crud! " Kitty swung harder at him as he started to run for it. "Jessica watched them run off and Luna was trying to make noise but she had her hand over her mouth from the outside of the bag. Rabies caught her and raped her, she was scared to the point of tears, she knew that whatever was going to happen it wasn't going to be good.

Eventually, she formed her own team known as Team Katswell and it gained more members overtime.

At some point, she was put in charge of watching over the orphaned human child, Andy Maxwell, much to her displeasure, but overtime, she grew found of the human child much like he was her son.

She, along with her sister, Cat Katswell wanted to be secret agents just like their father.