I am seeking broad-minded individuals who want to share a little of themselves in exchange for a truly interesting and engaging dialogue.

I will never disrespect any pen pal, nor will I ever ask a pen pal for anything more than friendship. CRIMES: Assaulting public servant DOB: 8-10-72HEIGHT: 6-foot-1 WEIGHT: 230 EYES: Brown HAIR: Bald RACE: White TATTOOS: Yes HOMETOWN: Denton, TXWANTING TO WRITE: Gay guys in U. and international HIV/AIDS Negative ZODIAC SIGN: Leo MUSIC INTEREST: 80s-90s, country, classic rock, R&BOTHER INTEREST: Travel, photography, the outdoors, fishing, cooking,reading booksi am a bottom intersex person with a big heart and very loving.

But I'm still a human being in need of some friendships to help pass these hard and lonely times.

The last 15 years I have spent in administrative segregation.

If you use email please be sure to include your snail mail return address within the body of your email.

Check the Texas DOC for my current snail mail address.

I like to read books, esspecially educational,fitness or foreign language studies.

I enjoy going to the movies, music concerts or just spending time outdoors.I was bornand raised near the Atlantic Ocean, so you can say the beach is in my blood. I am a former registered nurse and hold a college degree. I am also a big movie buff, but this has become almost a pastime lately.I enjoy traveling, fishing and white water rafting. There are no personal TVs in federal prison and our movie selection leaves much to be desired.I'm lonely andlooking for someone with whom to be friends and share letters.If you are interested send me a snail maie letter or use to send me email.My passion is fitness - I do yoga, lift weights and engage in sports every day.