I have always, always, always used make-up and kept my face out of the sun since I was 20.'The star also said she fell on hard times before landing the role of Alexis Carrington in 1980s hit Dynasty and was humiliated when everyone recognised her when she went to sign on at the dole queue.‘I’ve always believed that life is not a bowl of cherries, it’s a bowl of cherry pits and the ‘happy ever after-syndrome’ I was aware was just a fairytale,’ she explained.

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I was feeling pretty good and both Ian and David went back to kissing me and feeling me up. It was obvious what they wanted and I did nothing to stop it. I was in the shallow end of the pool now so my tits were out of the water for all to see.

They had me pinned against the wall and were getting serious. I was getting really hot with these two feeling me up and taking turns fingering me.

She added: ‘It would have been absolute career death for me to have done that, even though I wasn’t yet getting to a broody period, I got to my broody period a couple of years later but it was just, it would have been unthinkable to have a child.'He didn’t have any money, I had nothing, and I believe if you are going to bring a child into the world that you have to have a responsibility to that child.‘I’m so happy that Tara [her daughter with the late Anthony Newley] was my first child, I love her dearly and it would not have been the same had I had another child, so I know I made the right decision.’The actress is now happily married to fifth husband Percy Gibson, 44 and has become the face of Alexis Bittar jewellery.

I want to tell you about how I became who I am today. I picked up a shirt from the deck chair and went inside. I thought maybe he was in the bathroom, but it had been a long time so I went to make sure he was all right.

I was getting fingered right there, with about seven other boys in the pool with us. A little while later, Josh got out of the pool to go and get us both a drink. Most of them were using that as an excuse to cop a feel.

I was horny as hell and out to get laid, hopefully with Josh but if not, then certainly with someone else. It was a nice warm night and Josh suggested going for a swim in the pool. Then he put his hand down my panties and slipped his finger inside me.

If it hadn't been for the physical evidence and my very sore fanny the next day, I would have almost thought it was just a dream. I was seventeen at the time the events in this story happened. I have long dark hair and small to average breasts. A third guy was standing back waiting for his turn. The guy I had set my sights on was being blown by another girl, right in front of me. He looked stunned for a moment then started to say something. Being thrown over for a tall blonde bimbo, ten minutes after I let him finger me, really hurt my pride.

I was supposed to be staying at a girlfriend's house that night, so I wasn't expected home until Sunday afternoon. Just about every teenager in town must have been there. I got out of the pool, despite the protests from the boys, and went looking for him.

I was still pissed off with Josh and fucking two of his friends in his house, was starting to seem like a good way to get revenge.

I said, 'I need a drink.' David offered to get me one.

Joan Collins has confessed to once taking cocaine at a wild party, but insists that she's still passionately anti-drugs.