While it's understandable that living with chronic pain can cause negative feelings to sprout, negativity won't help you cultivate a healthy dating life.

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Consider what will be required of you during a planned outing or date.

For example, if a trip to the zoo is planned and you know that will entail more walking than you are capable of, think of alternatives.

If we're being honest, the disease intrude sometimes.

But, you need to learn how to deal with those "down" times and how to take advantage of the days when you are feeling better.

Their general health significantly increased, too, they added.

Dating can be a challenge all by itself, but an additional challenge when dating is making the decision to disclose that you have RA.

You will never be comfortable trying to be anyone but who you really are.

While it's tempting to try to hide pain, disguise your limp, or put your deformed hands in your coat pockets, by concealing, you actually are revealing that you can't accept your own reality.

They believe pain and fatigue will intrude on how often they can go out and what activities they can enjoy together.

Essentially, arthritis turns them into Debbie Downer (or the male version of that).

Antioxidants could reduce inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis patients, research has claimed.