Cosima is currently suffering from an unknown respiratory illness originating from her ovaries and reproductive system which causes her to cough up blood. in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology at the University of Minnesota.Cosima comes from San Francisco, California, and studied at UC Berkeley. She was in a relationship with Emi, the lead singer of the band Pythagoras who was also her monitor until they broke up after Cosima moved to Minnesota, believing she can't handle a long-distance relationship.

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In "Effects of External Conditions", Cosima examines Helena's knife and tries to explain her motives for killing in a video chat with Sarah and Felix.

Later, Cosima calls Sarah and tells her that Helena is connected to Maggie Chen, the woman that Beth shot. Sarah tells Cosima that Helena was at the police station and wants to meet her.

Beth Childs managed to find her and another clone, Alison Hendrix, through a facial recognition program after Katja Obinger contacted Beth about three other clones in Europe.

They have been looking after each other ever since.

Cosima says that if it was her experiment she'd put an observer close to the subject. She asks Scott to help her but doesn't tell him what it's for.

She notices an upset Delphine who leaves behind her report card.Sarah meets Cosima at a local bar on the day she is set to return to Minneapolis for her studies and gives her the briefcase.Cosima tells Sarah that six months ago, Katja contacted Beth and then Beth found Cosima and Alison.Cosima tells Delphine that she is going to get her so baked one day. In Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner, Sarah again tells Cosima to stay away from Delphine over video chat.Cosima says that this is different than Alison and Donnie as she's the one monitoring Delphine. Sarah tells her that Olivier owns a club called Neolution.Cosima explains that Helena is on a religious crusade to kill the clones because Helena believes them to be abominations.