The detailed profiles and chat options make this site an excellent choice for those who are serious about finding matches with the potential to build a lasting relationship.

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Joey will get a part in a TV show but he has to sleep with the casting lady which he doesn't know if he should do.

Rachel has a date and tells everyone she is not mad at Ross but doesn't have any feelings for him anymore either. Bobby will sober up for Monica - only problem: sober Bobby is boring.

When Ross & Russ are doing the crossword puzzle with Chandler they disagree on whether the correct word is Card Shark (Russ) or Cardsharp(Ross).

They are actually both correct terms with Cardsharp predating and giving rise to the term Card Shark.

If you want to hang out in a chat room hoping that someone comes along that you want to get to know better, this might be a good choice.

However, if you’re serious about finding someone to date and forming a relationship, this is not your best option.

It’s a great dating site for those of the Christian or Catholic faith.

is a great website with a 7-day free trial that offers users a chance to get to know one another before meeting in person.

The Joey storyline was the best part of this episode, especially early on.

However I found the Rachel falling for Russ (David Schwimmer in a dual role) and not seeing the similarities to Ross lame and unfunny.

Overall, Christian appears to be a good site where you can meet other Christian singles.