Trans men and women need safe spaces to date where they can confidently claim their identities and connect with partners who value and appreciate that they’re trans.

It sounds like an easy enough problem to solve, however, the online dating services available to trans people are few and far in-between.

However, even though the network is open to trans daters, there are still problems.

In a post for Huffington Post’s The Blog in 2015, Torraine Futurum detailed the types of men she constantly encountered there.

The most well-known dating sites have adjusted their perspectives to welcome trans daters with open arms.

Ok Cupid offers a “How Transgender Friendly Are You?

The entire community revolves around valuing and celebrating them.

TRANSGENDR actively works to connect its massive user base with cisgender men who love trans women.

” Test in its massive selection of compatibility quizzes.

Trans users can accurately select their status as trans when creating a profile.

Specialized dating isn’t just a fad or something that’s specific to the trans community.