On his side projects, he says: "These are all different facets of me. I just love to do creative stuff, but my main focus is music." The savvy businessman is not one to pin his hopes on putting out music discs, given the worldwide trend of falling album sales.

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act=image&pid=699536"][img] pan lee da hae.jpg[/img][/url] [url=" Earlier, he had collaborated with Korean female artist Lee Da Hae in one of his MVs and she specially flew to Hong Kong to support him. Will is about to release his 7th album ‘007', in the past he has earned a massive $500million for his record company, and yesterday Universal Music smashed over $2million to hold the press conference in the Peninsula Hotel. Lolly-Pop*' post='6099523' date='May 26 2009 9 44 PM']Both of them make a good couple actually!

Yesterday noon, he held a press conference at FELIX restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. It's an odd couple, as in I have never thought of them together.

If he does hold a concert here, will he be flaunting the popular merman line of oblique muscles South Korean stars are famed for having?

"I'm very strict with myself during promotion periods, but I'm not a gym rat. I do have the merman line, but I don't want to show it," he says.

On K-pop, however, he says: "I think there are great singers in every region and I respect everyone." The decline in Chinese dance music may have been why Pan had lain low musically for almost two years, from 2011 to last year.

But his comeback album, released in August last year, has done well.

act=image&pid=699546"][img] Source: [url=" [b]Sarah[/b] @ [url=" Pan enjoys ultimate 007 elite. I heard of their collaboration but I never watched it.

Lee Da Hae, who finished filming the MV in end of April, and who has been staying in touch with Will via e-mails, basically flew to Hong Kong for free. ), and couple months ago got out of filming for East of Eden. I wonder how would Da Hae sounds when she speaks English or Chinese?! i never knew they knew each of luck to them then.p.s.

When Lee Da Hae saw Will, she was very excited and used her 4-year learnt Chinese to praise him non-stop saying he is handsome, witty, well-mannered, and said ‘perfect man' 3 times. [/quote]I don't know how fluent she is/how much she can understand, but she did speak a little bit of Chinese in My Girl. didn't need the English subtitles to figure out what she was saying [size=1][color="#FF0060"][font="Verdana"]this is shocking!

She did not try to hide her good feelings towards Will, and expressed that even her mum has been mesmerised by him.

"I'm not very comfortable with flashing my body yet. " This article was originally published on April 26 2013 on Straits